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Introduction to PHTPlus: Business Software for Plating, Heat Treating & Finishing Services


Hello, everyone, and welcome to our new blog and video series.  My name is Bobby Haggard, and I am one of the Microsoft Dynamics consultants here at TrinSoft. 

I am happy to introduce our new software solution called PHTPlus that is designed for organizations that provide outsourced manufacturing services, also known as finishing services, which can include plating, heat treating, dips, waxes, seals, painting, and many more.

PHTPlus is built on the award-winning Microsoft Dynamics platform.  With our software, the user will be provided with a single view into all of the different processes going on within their system.  This will give the user the insight and control needed to streamline processes, reduce costs, increase margins and provide a high level of service to customers.

Our solution is specifically created with this unique industry in mind. Normally, the inventory that you are processing you don’t even own.  Your customer owns it, and it is staying on their balance sheet.  In most cases the customer is shipping the inventory to you; your company will then apply one or more routing or process steps to this inventory. Once completed, you then ship the items back to your customer and then bill accordingly. 

In our video series covering PHTPlus, we will quickly outline the overall workflow and discuss how our system tracks and accounts for this inventory.  We will briefly discuss some of the different system functions including ability to split or merge orders.  We will examine our routings and the unique features that can be created for each step of the routing.  We will plan to cover some of the operational steps including receipt of the inventory, shipping, & billing back to the customer.  Finally, we will cover the different forms and documents along with some of the dynamic reporting features that are available within our solution.

I hope that you enjoy this video series, and if you have any questions or if you are interested in further discussing the PHTPlus solution, please call me at (859) 252-6225 or send me an email.

Thanks for watching and have a great day!

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