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What's New in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central October '18 Release

Source: Business Application Release Notes

With the October '18 release, Dynamics 365 Business Central is available in the cloud, on-premises, and in hybrid deployments. Pick your flavor of Business Central, or use your existing on-premises solution of Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV, or Dynamics SL and connect to the cloud through Business Central. Business Central partners get a portal to facilitate their interactions with customers and to manage the lifecycle of their applications and customizations. Business users get a further streamlined and refreshed user experience with many productivity improvements, facilitating heavy transactional users. The service is also going through a hardening process, with much improved resiliency, robustness, and performance across the application.

Business Central everywhere - cloud, hybrid, and on-premises availability

Business Central gets an on-premises deployment option that serves as a successor to Dynamics NAV. In other words, rather than a new version number for Dynamics NAV, customers can get Business Central on-premises. The experience for partners and customers on-premises is no different from the familiar Dynamics NAV upgrades, except for the change in name. This is a convergence point for Dynamics SMB products—going forward, they are all considered customers of Business Central, in the cloud or on-premises, even if they are running differently branded products such as Dynamics SL, Dynamics GP, and older versions of Dynamics NAV.

High productivity user experience

Get more work done with productivity features such as filtering of lists and totals, and copy and paste. With a host of new keyboard shortcuts to accelerate your business tasks, and improved keyboard navigation throughout, Business Central is ready to support the diverse needs of your workforce. Get to your data faster with improved search for pages, reports, and Help documentation. Business users get a fresh and modern experience in all main screens of Business Central. Whether you are accessing your data from the browser or the Windows 10 desktop app, you will experience a consistently smooth, intuitive, and modern interface as you transition across role centers, lists, worksheets, transaction documents, or details pages (such as the customer card).

Tenant administration

Business Central partners manage the lifecycle of the tenant through the Dynamics 365 Business Central administration center. The administration center is the portal for VARs to engage with customers and manage health, troubleshooting, notifications, and sandboxes of the customer tenant.

Improved Visual Studio Code AL experience

Be more productive when developing and troubleshooting extensions with new and improved developer tools, such as sandbox environments with production data, improved breakpoint support, better inline Help, ability to trace raised events in a given user scenario, support for .NET Interop for on-premises deployments, extension support for enums, report data set and field groups, and more. Making Business Central available in new markets Business Central has a combined localization strategy inclusive of both Microsoft-led and partner-led models. We continue to respond to partner-led scenarios and anticipate additional countries being delivered via localization app extensions in Microsoft AppSource. Additionally, Microsoft will also deliver a localized version of Business Central in Iceland, Norway, and Mexico in this release.

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