Introducing TrinAuto Mfg


TrinSoft extended the capabilities of Dynamics 365 Business Central to provide an innovative supply chain management solution to its automotive manufacturing clients. This solution helps companies maximize revenue, reduce costs, increase efficiency, and grow customer engagement through its fully integrated offerings ranging from order scanning, automated EDI for manifests, ASNs, shipping notices and ship confirmations, built-in capacity planning for exceptional inventory control, advanced reporting, enterprise-level security and much more!

The TrinAuto Mfg solution was one of the first solutions certified as an accepted alternative to the Toyota Shipping Confirmation System (SCS). 

Imbedded within this solution is a specific scanning function through the use of handheld scanners which enables job queue notification, palletization, and warehouse management at your fingertips. The scanning application is completely infused within TrinAuto Mfg, which enables real-time analysis, increased quality measures, greater compliance, and prevention of defects.

Dynamics 365

Advanced Filtering in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Source: Business Applications October 2018 Release Notes

With the October 2018 release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can be more productive when filtering lists by influencing calculations and applying filters to multiple fields.

Back-office information workers spend significant time working with lists: entering or modifying data, analyzing trends and anomalies, or simply looking for specific records. While a quick search can reduce the list by finding the closest matches across all columns, users often need a higher degree of control as the size of the business database grows. The powerful filtering capabilities in Business Central accelerate list-related tasks by providing absolute control over filtering in a modern and intuitive experience.

Filtering lists

Anchored to the side of your lists, the new filter pane has a familiar design that is easy to learn and efficient to work with. Switch between predefined filtered views of your list, adjust a view by adding your own filters, or simply start from scratch.

Advanced Filtering in Dynamics 365 Business Central

The filter pane allows you to:

  • Get an overview of the currently applied filters, and see if they were set by you, by a filtered view, or by the application itself.
  • Add as many filtered columns as you like by typing to quickly search for more fields on the source table.
  • Get assistance with specifying filter values using lookups or the field's data type.
  • Create complex filters using operators, ranges, variables, and shorthand.
  • Filter to the current cell value in the list.

Business Central remembers the filters you applied throughout the session as you navigate back and forth across pages. The ability to permanently save your changes as a filtered view will be available at a later date. 

The filter pane is available on all pages that display lists, including worksheets, document lines, and list parts. This feature replaces the previous filter window reachable from each column header, and it complements other features that help you find specific rows or analyze your data, such as searching and sorting.

Limit totals

One of the most popular features of Dynamics NAV now makes its way to Business Central. Lists often display aggregated or computed values, such as currency amount totals. With this release, Business Central gives you a whole new level of control through which you can apply filters to one or more dimensions that influence computed values. Use this in combination with filters, sort, and search to explore and analyze your data.

Keyboard shortcuts

Although the filter pane is just a click away, you can also have a mouse-free experience with a variety of keyboard shortcut combinations, including the Alt+F3 shortcut to filter to the current value. You can now create compound filters on the fly without ever leaving the list, using shortcuts to navigate across cells and then filter to the currently focused value or clear the filter on the current column.

For more information about Dynamics 365 Business Central and how it can help your business, contact us.

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