We know that you have made a great investment in Microsoft Dynamics, and TrinSoft is committed to helping you get the most out of your Dynamics solution. By providing a variety of service plan offerings, TrinSoft will enable you to use your software to its full potential. We hope to be your primary source for on-going Dynamics support. All support clients have specific needs regarding billing and the method in which support calls should be handled. Therefore, TrinSoft has created several different service plans and service protocols for our clients.

By selecting a service plan, you will have the choice of paying for support by the hour or by purchasing "blocks of hours" or "cases." Choosing a service protocol will allow you to select the individuals from your company who may call for service requests. Your company can choose to have TrinSoft provide you a "firm bid" or an "estimate" of time to be spent on a support issue by selecting the respective service protocols. Visit our blog for the most up-to-date information and news on our support services. 



Microsoft Dynamics CustomerSource is a password-protected site for customers using Microsoft Dynamics products, provided as a benefit of a service plan. Use it to search the Knowledge Base, download updates, view online training, and find other information resources virtually 24 hours a day. (Sign-in required.)

Contact TrinSoft for support on your Dynamics solutions. 



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