We Are TrinSoft

Our Mission

To provide value to organizations by using technology to solve business challenges while maintaining a profitable, fun and challenging work environment and contributing to our community.

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Our Values

At TrinSoft, our values guide everything we do. The individual words driving our values are Integrity, Happiness, Excellence and Growth. Perfect execution at TrinSoft has all of our values present as a foundation for growth. That is what we aim to accomplish every day.


At TrinSoft, integrity is at the foundation of everything we do. Integrity represents the individual behavior of our team members as well as our corporate behavior and policy. Integrity is at the root of our character, and through honesty and transparency – we help clients make the best decisions by enabling them to know as much as possible about potential solutions or return on investment before moving forward.


Happiness is more than just client satisfaction. TrinSoft strives to deliver happiness in client service, in our work environment, and in our community. We strive to make our clients happy by delivering more than just what is expected. Through open communication, being proactive and going the extra mile, we deliver more than merely customer satisfaction.

TrinSoft creates a work environment that is fun, challenging and profitable. We support personal and professional growth by providing an environment that enables team members to excel.

TrinSoft also believes all companies and individuals have a responsibility to be stewards or contributors to their community. Whether we define that community as our local towns and neighborhoods or as our global economy, we do not shy away from our responsibility of stewardship. TrinSoft contributes a percentage of profits to charitable organizations, supports staff in various entities and works hard to be a corporate citizen for the communities in which we live and work.


Each day at TrinSoft, we work hard to bring excellence to everything we do. Excellence embodies the way in which we deliver our service and conduct ourselves. If Happiness is our goal, Excellence is how we expect to get there.

We encourage each team member to fully realize their potential and maximize their individual contribution by giving the best of themselves, their expertise and ability and willingness to learn and grow. Holding ourselves to this standard of excellence elevates our service and helps achieve our clients’ goals.


Growth to TrinSoft is MUCH more than financial growth. Personal growth in the areas of skills, technical knowledge, personal well-being, health and happiness are just as (if not more) important to us than financial growth. We define financial growth as regular, year over year increase in gross profit, but understand growth can occur in other areas (such as staff, market share, geography, product/service offering, etc.).

In order for our company to grow financially, each of our team members must grow personally as well as professionally. We believe that if we execute consistently across our other values, growth will be the natural result.

Our Community

Visit our Community Involvement page to learn more about TrinSoft’s stewardship in our community.

Our History

TrinSoft was founded in 1996 by John Stucky. Prior to starting TrinSoft, John worked as a CPA in public accounting for over six years at both KPMG in Chicago and Dean, Dorton & Ford in Lexington. While at Dean, Dorton & Ford, he created the technology consulting group, launched the practice and grew it successfully. During that time he realized a technology company could not be all things to all people. He knew a successful enterprise must specialize and have a deeper technical understanding of the products and services it provided. TrinSoft was formed for just that purpose – to provide a higher level of implementation expertise by focusing on specific software and development solutions. Today, TrinSoft has enjoyed continued growth and success and continues to offer the most effective and affordable technology solutions to meet your business goals.


Award-Winning VAR

TrinSoft is proud to be named to the Accounting Today 2023 VAR 100 list, which ranks the top North American value-added resellers of accounting and accounting-related software.

We’re also honored to be named to Bob Scott’s 2023 VAR Stars, which recognizes VARs for accomplishments in the field of midmarket financial software.

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