PHTPlus by TrinSoft

PHTPlus by TrinSoft


PHTPlus by TrinSoft is a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) business software solution specifically designed for the Plating, Heat Treating, and Finishing Services industry. PHTPlus is built for the outsourced manufacturing service company who specializes in finishing services such as plating and coating. This Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution is intended to work the way you do. It is for companies like yours that receive customers’ parts, perform a process on those parts, and then send those very same parts back to the customer.

PHTPlus was built for you if you provide any of these services:

  • Barrel Zinc Plating
  • Rack Zinc Plating
  • Heat Treating
  • Anodizing
  • Galvanizing
  • Powder Coating

This is an introduction to our full PHTPlus application available at TrinSoft. For more information and/or to request a full demo of the PHTPlus application, visit our PHTPlus by TrinSoft web site.

Getting Started

Check out our How-to Guide for more information and step by step instructions.


Once PHTPlus by TrinSoft is installed, all you will have access to is a simplified view of the Sales Line Traveler page. This is intended to spark an interest into learning about this industry specific, powerful solution and how it will optimize your business while benefiting from TrinSoft’s fixed price setup, training and other installation services.

If you have any issues regarding the PHTPlus by TrinSoft application, please feel free to contact us here or at any of the options listed below:

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