The utilities and features you have been wishing for are now available with the TrinSoft Power Utilities extension!

TrinSoft Power Utilities are features and utilities that are commonly needed by every day users but not available in native Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.


Purchase and Sales User Tracking

Have you ever had a question about a document that only the creator of that document had the answer to? Do you know who created each of your purchase orders? Do you know who created each of your sales orders?

Information retrieval is critical to running a successful business. Quick retrieval of information saves valuable time which everyone knows saves money. If you do not have the answer to questions readily available when you need it, then you will be wasting your valuable time and possibly delaying critical decisions, trying to track down the information.

With our app, any time a purchase or sales order is created, the ID of the user who created the document is captured, recorded and made readily available on each document. Anytime you need this information, simply open the document and the User ID will be displayed in the “General” Fast Tab section of each page. Avoid delays in decision making which could result in loss of revenue or missed opportunities. Don’t rely on memory, job duties or “general knowledge” of who is responsible for creating documents, know with certainty and efficiency who the creator of a document is.

The User ID is also available in the “General” Fast Tab on each of following documents:

  • Purchase order archives
  • Purchase invoice
  • Posted purchase invoices
  • Sales order archives
  • Posted sales invoices

View Historical Data For Customers and Vendors

It may be critical to know sales and purchase information that you can’t readily get with native Dynamics 365 Business Central. We have developed some views that will bring information quickly to view without having to sort and pull many documents.


  • Posted Sales Invoice Lines
  • Posted Sales Credit Memo Lines
  • Posted Sales Shipment Lines
  • Posted Sales Return Reciept Lines


  • Posted Purchase Invoice Lines
  • Posted Purchase Credit Memo Lines
  • Posted Purchase Receipt Lines
  • Posted Purchase Return Shipment Lines

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This App supports both the Essential and Premium edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supported countries:

  • United States