TrinSoft Power Utilites

Purchase and Sales Entry User ID


When a purchase or sales order is created, the ID of the user who created the document is captured and recorded in the appropriate table. The User ID is also maintained on the purchase order archives, purchase invoice, posted purchase invoices, sales order archives and posted sales invoices. You will see the User ID displayed on the “General” Fast Tab on each of these pages in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

View Historical Data for Customers and Vendors


It may be critical to know sales and purchase information that you can’t readily get with native Dynamics 365 Business Central. We have developed some views that will bring information quickly to view without having to sort and pull many documents.

Getting Started

Check out our How-to Guide for more information and step by step instructions.


Once the TrinSoft Power Utilites is installed, all the features and utilities will be available for use. It’s that easy! Nothing more needs to be done to start benefiting from the TrinSoft Power Utilites.

If you have any issues regarding the TrinSoft Power Utilites application, please feel free to contact us here or at any of the options listed below:

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