Tip: SmartList Window Changes in Microsoft Dynamics GP

With the release of Dynamics GP 2013 a few changes were made to the SmartList window. To access the SmarList reports select Microsoft Dynamics GP drop down and then select SmartList.

Once a user selects a report from the drop down menu within SmartList the favorites pane is now minimized. A user now has the ability to hide/show the “Favorites Pane” as needed. The view below shows the “Favorites Pane” hidden once a SmartList report was selected.

To show “Favorites Pane” (when hidden) select the right-pointing arrow on the blue ribbon bar.

To hide the “Favorites Pane” select the left-pointing arrow.

The user also now has the ability to increase/decrease the width of the “Favorites Pane”. With the Pane showing the user can right click within the Pane and then select either “Increase Width” or “Decrease Width”.

The other option for a user to make these changes from within SmartList is to click the “SmartList” button on the ribbon bar. Then select the “Favorites Pane” and then the user will have the option of “Hide/Show Favorites pane”, “Increase Width”, “Decrease Width”, and “Enable Auto-hide”.

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