Microsoft Dynamics GP’s Future is Secure, says new GPUG Board Chair Rick Zich


Incoming Chairman of the GPUG (GP User Group) Board Rick Zich took time to answer a few questions about the future of Dynamics GP and its community as Dynamics 365 enters the picture.

Zich observes that “it’s very clear that GP is not going away. But what wasn’t clear from the way Microsoft announced it in the community to end users is that Dynamics 365 is not necessarily going to be a replacement.”

He cites several strengths that make users loyal to GP:  

  • On-premise security
  • Breadth of out-of-the-box capabilities
  • ISV support
  • Flexibility with manufacturing capabilities and add-on modules

Zich does not anticipate a vast migration from Dynamics GP to 365, believing that “There are some companies that are not going to be happy with some of the base offerings of Dynamics 365 and are not ready to move to that level.”

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