Tip: Use Multiple Formulas in the Same Column in Management Reporter

by the TrinSoft Dynamics GP Team

You may want to have a report that uses one formula for certain rows, and another formula for other rows, but have it show in the same column in the report.

1. Create a new column next to the existing column that already had the original formula.

a. Make the Column Type = CALC

b. Put Formula in

c. Change Print Control = NP

d. Make a note of the column Letter

2. In the Row Definition, go to the rows that need to be set to the different formula

a. For each row with a different formula, insert a row underneath it.

b. Change the original Row Print Control = NP

c. Make the Format code of the new Row = CAL

d. In the Related Formulas Cell, you will need to use Column Replacement to set which column to use for pulling the formula.

i. In this example, I want Column A to remain the same so A=A.100 (I use row 100 which is the original Row code)

ii. I want Column B to show the formula from Column C so B=C.100 (again using the original row code)

Note that I only used Column A & B in the related formulas cell, but you would need to add in all columns that are printing columns to this row if there were more.

The result of this is the following report:

You can see that only the Row code 115 for Cash – Operating Account shows, and it’s using the formula from Column C (B*2) for the amount.

The Row ‘Cash in Bank – Canada’ is unaffected and is using the normal value from Column B.

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