TrinSoft Gives “Transition to IT Workforce” Presentation to University of Kentucky Computer Science Department

The University of Kentucky Computer Science department recently invited TrinSoft, one of its industrial partners, to do a presentation to the CS 499 classes. In CS 499, the senior students work in teams on a project for the entire semester. The class is a preparation for the “real world” and includes presentations by professionals in the IT industry. John Stucky, president of TrinSoft, gave the presentation on March 29 and introduced the company, the technical challenges in the field, listed the skills TrinSoft looks for in new hires, described what employment is like at TrinSoft and gave advice to graduating seniors to assist their transition to the workforce.

About TrinSoft

As a trusted partner, we help companies automate processes and transactions to be more efficient and save money. We work with higher-end integrated business software, document management solutions and unique, custom applications. Our goal is always the same – help companies be more profitable by improving their information management. For more information, visit, or

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