Why Consider Integration with Power BI in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017?

You can use embedded Power BI to easily create insightful charts and reports and make them available within your Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 role center. Leverage the Dynamics NAV 2017 Power BI Content Pack to get started and utilize existing Power BI security to manage reports.

Customer Benefits


Manage both the creating and viewing of the reports using security. Users can only create reports for data sets that they have security access to within Dynamics NAV 2017. Only users that have access to the finished reports may view them.

Get Started Quickly

Get started quickly by using the Dynamics NAV content pack. The content pack provides sample reports that you can use in both the demo or production environment. You can also make edits to the content pack that we provide.

Reporting When & Where You Need It

Any report that is created in Power BI may be made visible on the Dynamics NAV 2017 role centers. This enables users to get the information they need to perform their job right from within their role center.

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