Apply Credit Memo to Partially Paid Invoice in Microsoft Dynamics GP

by the TrinSoft Dynamics GP Team

In order to close an invoice with an unapplied amount but will not be paid at any point in the future, we will need to apply a credit memo to move the invoice to history.

1. Identify the invoice that is partially applied and note the unapplied amount for the invoice. In this example Document Number 1001 is for $553.81 and so far $400.00 has been paid and leaves an unapplied amount of $153.81.

2. Create a credit document for the vendor and unapplied amount.

a. Choose Doc Type – Credit Memo

b. Enter Description

c. Enter Vendor ID

d. Enter Document Number

e. Enter Credit Memo Amount

3. Post the dummy credit memo.

Navigate to the Apply Payables Documents Window. Purchasing>>Transactions>>Apply Payables Documents

a. Enter the Vendor ID

b. Change the document type to “credit memo”

c. Find your dummy credit memo

d. Select the check box to the corresponding invoice

5. Once applied go back to the Payables Transaction Inquiry – Vendor Window and you can see that the original invoice amount is now $0.00 unapplied amount and everything related to this invoice, payment, & credit invoice now shows in history.

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