#GP2018 Feature of the Day: Purchase Order & Requisition Features

from the Inside Microsoft Dynamics GP Blog by Pam Misialek

It’s Purchase Order (PO) and Requisition Day at the Dynamics GP 2018 Feature of the Day Blog. Today we have three features we added in this area.

PO Generator open PO List with new PO’s filter.

When you go a PO Generations, it gives you the suggested PO’s to create. From there you can get a list of the actual PO’s that were created. It looks like this:

PO Number display on Requisition List for originator

Print Purchase Requisition

Now you can print a Purchase Requisition Report. This is what it looks like:

More Details in this PowerPoint: https://1drv.ms/p/s!AsWXzRrqfikSkl3uSD5aEX-IbaEK

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