PHTPlus: Introduction to the Role-Tailored Dashboard

Hello and welcome back to our video series as we continue to introduce our new software solution. My name is Bobby Haggard and I am one of the Dynamics consultants here at TrinSoft. As a reminder our unique solution is called PHTPlus and is designed specifically for the plating, heat treating, and finishing services industry.

As I mentioned in the intro video, our solution is built on the Microsoft Dynamics platform and is designed to give the user a single view into all of the different processes going on within their system and warehouse. This will give the user the insight and control needed to streamline processes, reduce costs, increase their margins and provide a high level of service to their customers.

Before we dive into the unique features of PHTPlus, I thought I would first provide a quick glance at the Role-Tailored Dashboard within our solution so the user can get a look and feel for the layout and how the system can be used.

You are now looking at our PHTPlus software, which is a role-tailored system. This means that each user is assigned a specific role and each role has certain permissions and access to specific areas of the system. PHTPlus comes with roughly 30 predefined user roles already created. However, if needed, a user is also able to create a new role with its own specific permissions and security assigned.

As you can see we are logged in as the “Sales Order Processor” role. Since this solution is built on the Microsoft platform you will notice that it has a familiar look and feel to other Microsoft products.

For example, across the top of the page is a ribbon. This is similar to what a user would see in Microsoft Word or Excel. The ribbon is made up of various tabs, and within each tab are actions and functions that are grouped into similar tasks. The ribbon on each page is flexible and can be formatted or customized to the user’s preference.

On the left side of the window is the Navigation Pane. This is where users will put their most frequently used windows and pages for quick access at their fingertips. It’s important to note that this navigation pane is user-specific, meaning what is important to me may not be important to another user. Each of us has the flexibility to control what is listed in the navigation pane.

In the center of the window is the role center dashboard. On this dashboard the user can select what activities, lists, charts, etc. are important to them. In our demo you can see that we have listed some activities that are important for me to track as the sales order processor. A few things to note about this activity section is that there are visual cues that can help to alert the user to decide if an action is needed. In this example, we have no partially shipped orders, so that is good and given a green indicator. We have 23 open sales quotes. This may not be an issue yet but is something the user will want to keep an eye on. Finally, the open sales orders indicator is red. This means the user needs to take action in that area.

The next important thing to note about these tiles is that they are dynamic. So a user can click on one of these tiles, and the system will take them directly to the underlying transactions. This is helpful to the user to be able to quickly see what is making up their balance or what actions could be needed to be performed.

On the dashboard a user can also allow for charts to be shown, which are also dynamic. These charts are flexible and can easily be changed to view the data in a way that fits the user best. Lists can also be created. This is important if you have key customers or items that you are directly responsible for. A list will allow for quick reference as needed.

Finally, in the top right corner is a powerful Searchbox. This searchbox can be used to quickly search for specific pages, lists, setup windows, etc. A nice feature with this is that the user can enter part of a word or multiple words, and the system is powerful enough to list all possible options. By clicking the outcome of the search box, the user will be taken directly to that specific page.

Okay, so that was a very quick overview and introduction to our PHTPlus solution. I wanted to quickly show you the role-tailored dashboard to help give you a brief look and feel for the system. Thank you for taking the time to watch our video and stay tuned for future videos where we will go over some of the different windows and pages within our system and we will dive into some of the features that really make our PHTPlus solution unique.

As always if you have any questions or would like to discuss our solution further please don’t hesitate to give me a call at (859) 252-6225 or send me a quick email.

Thanks again and have a great day!

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