PHTPlus: Workflow/Process Overview

Hello again and welcome back to our video series. My name is Bobby Haggard, and I am one of the Dynamics consultants here at TrinSoft. In this video we will continue to introduce our new PHTPlus software, which is specifically designed for plating, heat treating, and finishing services companies.

In prior videos we’ve gone over general overview, the system layout, a couple types of system pages, and what makes our system unique compared to traditional accounting & manufacturing systems. However, in this video I plan to quickly go over a high-level process overview of our system and really get into some of what makes our PHTPlus system unique.

In this video I plan to quickly cover the overall process starting with a sales quote, converting the quote to a sales order (which creates your traveler), review the traveler list, quickly go over shipping the items back to the customer, and then finally the billing portion of the process. The great thing about PHTPlus is that we can do all of this plus the backend accounting work all in one system – there is no need for further integrations or transfer of data.

So, we are now within PHTPlus on the Role Center home page. As I’ve mentioned before there are multiple ways to navigate either through saved views on the navigation pane, using the departments windows, or the search box. I am most comfortable using the search box. I’ll go to the upper right corner and enter sales quote, and this will take us to our sales quotes window.

From our sales quote list we can see the various quotes that we still have out there and their status. From the ribbon we will select “new” to create a new quote.

We will then fill in our various header and detail line information, and then we will select ok.

One thing to point out that is pre-built into our system is a Dynamics workflow tool. So say in my role I only have authority to issue quotes up to XXX and anything over that will need to be approved by my manager. With our tool directly from this window we can send an approval request and check on approval status.

Once approved a quote can be emailed directly to the client from this window so this will save the user time so they don’t have to print off the quote and then snail mail or scan an image of it to their customer.

The next day the client calls up and approves the quote. With our system there is no need to create a separate sales order. Instead we go to the quote and then select “Make Order”, which will convert this quote to a sales order. Once we do that and go into the sales order you will see that all of the header information and line detail information will automatically come over, so there is no re-keying or duplicate entry of data.

In our system you “receive” the parts from your customer through a sales order. Once the parts have arrived at your warehouse you can release the sales order, and this will generate the unique Traveler identification number.

We can quickly go to the Traveler list, which lays out the various items in your warehouse, their status, etc.

Once we see that our traveler is in a status of “Finished” status you are now ready to ship these parts back to the customer.

We will go to Warehouse Shipments, create a new shipment, select “Get Finished Traveler”, and this will instantly show us any finished travelers or work orders that are in a finished status and ready to be shipped. We will select our Traveler, and since it’s an all-in-one system, the data and address information automatically pulls in, and we can release and post this shipment.

Finally, since the items have now been shipped we are ready to follow-up with the billing. We navigate to our Sales Order Invoicing window find our sales order, select “Routing Pricing” button where we tell the system to “Calculate the Pricing” – this will bring in the line specific pricing from the routing. Review as needed. We can then post and print this invoice which can then be sent back to the customer either through email, scan, or standard mailing.

With that we have completed the overview. We created a sales quote, converted it to an order, reviewed the open travelers, shipped the finished items, and then billed our customer.

Thanks again for taking the time to view this video and if you have any further interest or questions in PHTPlus please don’t hesitate to send me an email or give me a quick call at (859) 252-6225.

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