PHTPlus: Traveler Document Overview

Hello and welcome back to our video series. I am Bobby Haggard and I am one of the consultants here at TrinSoft. We are continuing to walk through the various pieces of our new software solution called PHTPlus, which is specifically designed for the plating, heat treating, and finishing services companies. In this video I will plan to quickly go over our Traveler document.  

  • How it is created? 
  • What does a Traveler looks like? 
  • What are the different sections of the document? 
  • How do we monitor these Travelers within the system?  
  • And finally are these Traveler documents manual or automated?

As a review from our previous video the Traveler is created once the items are received from your customer, which we do through a sales order. When the sales order is completed and released this is what generates the unique traveler number.

Let’s quickly walk through the different sections of this traveler document:

1 – Traveler Number – this is a unique number that follows the parts throughout your warehouse

2 – Information Section – this includes your customer info, the item, description, quantity, weight, etc.

3 – The barcode highlights that this capability is available within PHTPlus

4 – Name of the routing process

5 – Routing Section – This is a step by step detail of the processes to be performed on the parts for this specific traveler

6 – Place for staff to sign-off confirming the steps completed

7 – Ability to provide specific instructions per step of the routing

8 – Ability to add quality Measures

Finally, it’s important to note that this is just a base layout. PHTPlus is flexible to where this report can be changed to fit your exact needs. For example, we’ve added a picture to this report for a client who wanted their employees to have the ability to look at the traveler document to see what the part looks like and then to look down at the part they are working on to make sure it looks the same. This is a nice quality control step that can save time and money for your organization.

With our PHTPlus system we have an exclusive Traveler tracking system so that you can know exactly which set of travelers are being worked on and where those are within your warehouse. As you can see below we have a Traveler Window that can be sorted and filtered by the user so that they can group or manage their various travelers as needed. The user can see the Traveler’s status: if it’s been received, in process, or finished. This window also shows the pertinent traveler information such as the number of items, weights, routing number or the process being performed such as Nickel or Zinc Plating etc.

This system allows you flexible scheduling and visibility to all operations. This gives you user the ability to quickly change and re-prioritize orders as needed which should cut down on line setup and maximize run-time.

Finally, we can quickly cover the Traveler automation. Our system can be as manual or automated as your company desires. The process can be as basic as having the Traveler printed out and put into a pouch or sheath and physically traveling around the warehouse with the items or it can be as advanced as allowing tethered scan gun barcoding, or even more advanced wireless tablet scanning, which interfaces with and monitors the Traveler document.

Okay, so that was a quick video to cover our unique Traveler document, how it is created, and how it can be put to use in your warehouse.

Thank you for taking the time to watch this video and please stay tuned for future videos.

*As always if you have any questions or would like to discuss our solution further please don’t hesitate to give me a call at 859-252-6225 or send me a quick email. Thanks again and have a great day!

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