PHTPlus: Forms & Document Review

Hello, Bobby Haggard with TrinSoft here and I’d like to welcome you to our next video in this series as we introduce our new PHTPlus software which is specifically designed for the plating, heat treating, and finishing services companies.

Within PHTPlus we have a lot of different forms and documents, and in today’s video I plan to cover a couple of the main documents. These include quotes, sales orders, a traveler document, a quality certificate, shipping documents, and an invoice. These are just a sampling of the forms and documents available within PHTPlus. There certainly are many more that we could review. These forms and documents are already included and can be used out of the box with minimal setup.

Now any form within our system can also be designed to meet the needs and layout desires of your organization. For example, we can easily add logos, change the layout or location of fields, etc.

One of nice things about partnering with TrinSoft is that we have developers on staff that can quickly make updates and changes in no time. As a reminder, our PHTPlus solution can be as basic in setup or as automated as your company is wanting to go. For example, with an invoice the system can be a basic setup that will allow a staff member to print and then mail any invoices; OR, you can allow the system to work for you and allow PHTPlus to email directly from the system saving time and efficiency for your users. With documents, we can also setup workflow approval for documents to be approved or reviewed within your organization prior to them being sent to customers, vendors, prospects, etc.

Another key document that many clients find helpful is the quality certificate document. This can be provided to customers to verify that previously specified ranges have been met. First, it shows the informational items such as the traveler number, quantities, weights, routing, etc. Next, you can see the specifications as agreed with the customer. It’s important to note that these quality measures are what you set within the system. Each routing and each step can have its own set of specifications. Finally, the system is able to record the various readings that your staff takes throughout the plating process.

An additional form that our clients have found useful is the container tag document. For example, this document could be printed and then stuck to the various cartons or bins holding the different parts. This way you know exactly what order and customer those parts belong to. The various parts of this document are the bar code, container count, traveler number, quantity, customer, routing process, etc.

Finally, two other key documents which any ERP system would have are the Shipping Document and the Billing Invoice. PHTPlus comes with those out of the box. Just like all other documents these can be modified to fit exactly like your organization prefers.

Thank you for taking the time to watch this video where we quickly covered the various forms and documents within our system, how powerful they are out of the box and how the various layouts can be changed and updated to fit your company needs. Stay tuned for future videos and as always if you have any questions or would like to discuss our solution further please don’t hesitate to give me a call at (859) 252-6225 or send me a quick email. Thanks again and have a great day!

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