How to Set a Password Reminder in Microsoft Dynamics GP

by Bobby Haggard

Situation: Often a client or user will call saying they have been locked out of Dynamics GP or that they are unable to login because they failed to update or reset their password prior to the password expiring.

Resolution: TrinSoft encourages our clients to set reminders on their GP Home Page To Do list. Below are the steps to add a reminder that can reoccur as needed.

1.Log into GP (with an active password).

2.Make sure that on your Dynamics GP Home Page that the “To Do” section is shown. If already shown skip to step XX; if not see step 3.

3.Select “Customize this page…” in the upper right corner of the window.

How to Set a Password Reminder in GP
  1. When the Customize Home Page window opens be sure to select “To Do” and then select OK.

GP Password Reminder

  1. Back on the GP Home Page you will now see a Reminders and Tasks window pane.


  1. On the To Do pane select “New Task”. 
  1. When the Task List window opens select “New Task”.

How to Set GP Password Reminder

  1. The Task window will open.  Enter a Task name & due date (prior to password expiring).

Set Password Reminder in Dynamics GP


  1. Change the “Link To” field to Microsoft Dynamics GP window and select the blue arrow next to the “Name” field.  This will open the Add Command window. Select the “User Preferences” option and select OK.

How to Set Dynamics GP Password Reminder

  1. Back on the Task window select the “Recurrence” button.

How to Set a Password Reminder in Microsoft Dynamics GP


  1. On the Recurrence window set how often the user would like to see the Reminder.  Once set click OK.

How do I set password reminder in GP

  1. Back on the Task window, once you’re happy with all settings and fields select “Save”.


How to sent password reminder in MS Dyn GP


  1. On the users Dynamics GP Home Page they should now see a task/reminder notifying the user of the need to change or reset their password.

GP password reminder


  1. Once the password has been reset, open the task, change the status to “Completed” and select “Save”. 

password reset reminders in GP

  1. The task will then be removed from the users To Do section; it will appear again when it’s time for the next password change.



If you have any issues with these procedures or further questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to your TrinSoft contact or email our help desk at


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