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Nucleus Research: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Delivers $16.97 for Every Dollar Spent

Since 2004, Nucleus has examined the experiences of Microsoft customers and published return on investment (ROI) case studies on customer deployments. Nucleus recently released data assessing the current value delivered by Dynamics 365, and the numbers are astounding.

On average, for every dollar spent, Dynamics 365 was able to bring $16.97 in. The top competitors for ERP and CRM solutions have only been found to bring back between $7.23 and $8.71 on average.

How is this possible? There are plenty of reasons, but these are our top three.


Dynamics 365 houses cloud technology, PowerApps, CRM, ERP, HCM, advanced analytics, and encourages collaboration across platforms. It is an ever-expanding program with possibilities unmatched by any of its competitors. Simply put, Microsoft has you covered with every kind of program you could need.

Ease of Use

A Microsoft product is able to remain sophisticated and user friendly across all of its platforms. Similarity in design allows for quick training and understanding of the programs and their abilities. If your business were to enter a new kind of product sales, there’s a product that will work with your system and allow for quick turn around in team training. If you can do one kind of business with Dynamics 365, you can do them all.

The Cloud

Hardware spending decreases dramatically with the implementation of cloud services through Dynamics 365. IT doesn’t have to worry about the transition; Microsoft will support your team the whole way through. They already have infrastructure ready for the transition, and steps to make it happen.

There is simply not a program on the market today that can provide you all of this and significant savings like Dynamics 365 can. If your business is looking to increase profit, reach out, and we will get you on the Dynamics 365 team today.

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