How to prevent ransomware attacks

Important Warning About Ransomware

Recently, TrinSoft has seen a significant spike in phishing and ransomware attacks.   As a result, we are urging all customers to work closely with their IT departments or external consultants to take precautions and execute the steps necessary to protect themselves. 
Additional information on what ransomware is and what you can do to prevent it: Ransomware is a type of encrypting malware that encrypts important company files and holds them for ransom. Ransoms typically range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Most ransomware attacks come in the form of an email attachment, so PLEASE exercise extreme caution when opening any attachment. Do NOT open an email attachment if you were not expecting the attachment or if you do not recognize the sender.

Please use the same consideration when presented with any URL that you do not recognize.  Cyberattacks are advanced, and sometimes you just have to visit a website to become infected with ransomware. You DO NOT have to click anything on the website to infect the company with data encrypting ransomware. Please use extreme caution!
For additional information, please visit this site from the US government:
If you have any issues or concerns, please contact TrinSoft.  We are happy to help with your security questions.

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