Webinar Alert: Multi-Entity Management for Dynamics 365 Business Central

New Webinar: Multi-Entity Management for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Multi-Entity Management (MEM) has become more and more important in the modern workplace. We at TrinSoft are teaming up with Binary Stream to bring you and your business the latest and greatest information about MEM in our upcoming free webinar.

Gain the ability to synchronize entity master records across all your instances. As a result, consolidated reporting is now possible across different Microsoft Dynamics instances without needing to manually combine the information. Extend your MEM capabilities with the following features:

  • It allows the automatic balancing of transactions across different functional currencies or end reporting periods.
  • Gain the ability to perform intercompany transactions across multiple instances and divide payables between each unique entity.
  • Create customer and vendor transaction inquiries.
  • Record bank transfers, allocate revenue and expense to other entities, receive payments on behalf of other entities and allocate accordingly.
  • Preserves the historic data on each transaction, so you can drill down and see the origin of any transaction.
  • Automatically synchronize customer, vendor, and item records.
  • Changes in one entity roll down onto connected entities, ensuring each is in parity with the rest.

All of this and more will be covered during our webinar on April 28th at 2 pm EST. Click the button below to reserve your seat!


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