The Cloud: Is It The Future of ERP Solutions?

The Cloud: Is It The Future of ERP Solutions?

Cloud ERP

Technology seems to make the world spin faster every day. However, when it comes to ERP solutions and on-premise servers, sometimes it can feel like moving in slow motion. 

It’s no secret that The Cloud is the future of ERP solutions. 

It’s the way of the world, but that doesn’t mean it will be easy for businesses to make their way into the future. Many companies are tied to their old on-premise ERP systems. Over 70% of companies in the US have reported that they are struggling under the weight of their on-premise servers. Many companies think it is more expensive to make the switch to The Cloud. In reality, the costs of an on-premise solution are far worse. Let’s break down these costs, and how implementing The Cloud can change business forever.

On-Premise Costs

The Cloud Savings

The switch to The Cloud may seem daunting, but with an experienced partner like TrinSoft, it’s a breeze. When your company is ready to start the transition to The Cloud, feel free to contact us at TrinSoft. We can’t wait to get started on the switch to The Cloud for your business. Click the button below to contact us today, or email us at, or call us at (859) 252-6225.

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