10 Working from Home Tips

10 Working from Home Tips

TrinSoft’s Bobby Haggard shares work from home tips and tricks in this new video. Do you have any tips to share? We’d love to hear your best advice – whether you’re a newbie or veteran.

#1 If you’ve never worked from home before, be patient with yourself. If you’ve worked from home before, reach out to your friends and co-workers to share tips and tricks.

#2 Keep a designated workspace that is solely for you. If you have kids at home or are unable to set aside a closed-off space for yourself, keep what you may need for work close by.

#3 Stay within business hours. Allow yourself breaks. Clock out when it’s time to. Working at home means setting serious time boundaries with yourself and your computer.

#4 Your daily schedule or even the hours that you work may change while working from home. Set expectations with your team (and those you live with) around your availability during the day.

#5 If you’re a working parent, coordinate with your partner to come up with a plan like splitting the day into “shifts” for childcare. Revisit that plan regularly to adjust based on what’s working and what’s not.

#6 Don’t forget to take breaks. Take time for exercise and fresh air – or just time to step away from your workspace for a bit. 

#7 Clearly communicating expectations and goals to your team is more important now than ever.

#8 Respond to requests quickly. If you’re unable to tackle the task right away, reply letting the requestor know when you’ll get to it.

#9 Think secure, be secure. You can use many apps and sites with a standard internet connection. To securely access internal resources and work with confidential data, you might need to connect via VPN or remote desktop.

#10 A wired network connection is best, if possible. When using a wireless connection, consider your distance from the router and obstacles in between that can affect your connection quality. 

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