Dynamics GP Year-End Tips

12 Days of GP Tips: Day 9 – Be Prepared for 2021

After you have your year closed and everything up and running for 2021, update your checklists. Revise so you are prepared for year-end 2021. You can even create a year-end count down with calendar reminders for year-end 2021.

Check out these additional resources to help with your year-end close:

Year-end information on CustomerSource


Look here to find year-end updates, instructions, and tax updates. Instructions for downloading and installing the updates are also provided here.



Start a year-end discussion with other members of the Microsoft customer community. This database provides you with the opportunity to exchange information with other customers, which is perfect for providing tips and answers to year-end questions.

If you need any help with your year-end processes, please contact us. Stay tuned for more helpful tips! And if you missed the first eight tips, you can catch them here:

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