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12 Days of GP Tips: Day 10 – Check Out the GP Support & Services 2020 Year-End Blog Series

Microsoft GP Support & Services Team has once again delivered a fantastic year-end blog series that is worth checking out. There are many changes to talk about this year, and the GP Team does a great job of breaking them down.

Below are links to the blog posts in the series:

November 17 – General Ledger

November 18 – U.S. Payroll

November 19 – W-2 Tips and Tricks

November 24 – Electronic W-2 (EFW2) for a successful filing

November 25 – Fixed Assets

December 1 – Payables Management

December 2  – Payables Management form changes including the NEW 1099-NEC

December 3 – Inventory

December 8 – Analytical Accounting

December 9 – Receivables Management

December 10 – Affordable Care Act (ACA)

If you need any help with your year-end processes, please contact us. Stay tuned for more helpful tips! And if you missed the first nine tips, you can catch them here:

Day 1 – Stress-Free Year-End

Day 2 – Backups Are Critical

Day 3 – Remember That Year-End Close Tasks Are Time/Order Sensitive

Day 4 – Watch the Year-End Processing Webinar Recording

Day 5 – Remember That Some Year-End Closing Routines Take Time

Day 6 – Remember These Steps After Closing the Year

Day 7 – New 2020 Form 1099-NEC

Day 8 – What Version of GP Are You Running?

Day 9 – Be Prepared for 2021

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