Business Central Inventory Setup

Top Features in Business Central 2021 Release Wave 1: Assisted Setup Helps Move Task of Adjusting Item Costs to Background

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You can now correct dimensions for G/L entries to ensure your financial reporting gives you accurate insights without having to make note of temporary data entry mistakes. For one or more G/L entries, you can change the dimension values, add dimensions, or remove them.

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To optimize the experience, most features in Business Central are turned on by default. However, as data accumulates over time, that might impact performance. To reduce the load on the application, it’s often helpful to use job queue entries to move tasks to run in the background.

However, creating the job queue entries can be tricky, even for an experienced consultant, so we’re introducing an assisted setup guide to make the process easier for adjusting item costs. On the Inventory Setup page, when you turn off the Automatic Cost Posting toggle, or specify Never in the Automatic Cost Adjustment field, an assisted setup guide becomes available, and can help you on each step of the way.

Business Central Inventory Setup
D365 BC Inventory Setup

You can download the Dynamics 365 2021 Release Wave 1 Plan PDF here

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