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Dynamics GP Tip: Copy/Paste Purchasing Transactions from Excel

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With the October 2020 release of Dynamics GP, you now have the ability to copy/paste purchasing transactions from Excel.

We all know how much our users like the Copy and Paste functionality in General Ledger, why not add it in other areas? The new feature enables users to define purchase transactions, along with distributions, and import them into the Payables Transaction Entry window in Dynamics GP. This will improve efficiency, reduce rekeying errors, and enhance user experience.

With this feature, you can choose to do distributions or not, similar to our General Ledger copy/paste.

Use the **Transaction Entry” window to copy/paste PM Transactions and PM Distributions.

The Excel spreadsheet must have the required fields in this order to copy/paste correctly; not all amount fields need to have an amount. You must copy/paste all data fields only; do not include the header fields.

Copy Paste from Excel into GP
  • Vendor

  • Purchases

  • Trade Discount

  • Freight

  • Misc.

  • Document Number

  • P.O. Number

  • Cash – if the cash field has an amount, the Payables Cash Entry window will automatically open after clicking the “Paste” button.

In the Payables Transactions window, found under Purchasing, click Transactions, and choose Transaction Entry. Choose the Vendor ID and put your cursor in the Purchasing field and then choose the Paste button in the toolbar.

Tip: This feature will also work in Web Client.

Tip: Just like when you copy/paste in the General Ledger, if you choose the Intercompany field, the Paste button becomes unavailable.

Dynamics GP Tip

Distributions will default from the Vendor record unless you paste in distributions. It is not required to do distributions.

In the Payables Transactions window, found under Purchasing, click Transactions, and choose Transaction Entry. Choose the Vendor ID, click Distributions, copy lines from Excel, and choose the Paste button from the menu, which will populate the information. Close the Distribution window. If you are prompted with a warning you can choose OK.

Now paste the rest of the payables transaction once the distributions are copied.

For more information about the latest release, contact our Dynamics GP experts.

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