How to Utilize Excel to Produce Dynamics GP Financial Reports

TrinSoft will be presenting a webinar on Tuesday, June 15th on how to create Dynamics GP financial reports in Excel, and how to perform a complete interactive GP general ledger account reconciliation and audit.

During the webinar we will review ActivReporter, a financial reporting and data analysis software that has been specifically developed for creating GP financial reports in Excel by utilizing standard Excel functions and commands.

ActivReporter allows users to drilldown on any amount shown on an ActivReporter Excel financial report to the journal entries and supporting detail that make up the amount displayed.

Additionally, users can drillback from ActivReporter to the originating transaction in Dynamics GP by automatically displaying the Dynamics GP window where the GL journal entry was originally entered.

We will also be reviewing ActivReporter’s Activ Trial Balance interface that allows users to audit and reconcile GP general ledger accounts and all supporting detail transactions.

The ActivReporter migration interface allows users to quickly migrate Management Report Writer reports to ActivReporter Excel reports. Once migrated, users can either use the columns automatically created by ActivReporter, or create user specified columns in Excel using standard Excel formatting and functions. All ActivReporter Excel reports can be finalized by adding Excel charts and graphs, as needed.

What does this new software mean for you?

The ability to develop and distribute Excel based financial reports for any number of Dynamics GP companies and their budgets in a standard Excel row-column combination.

We’ll be hosting this 45-minute webinar on Tuesday, June 15th. Registration is available online.

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