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New Solutions Demand New Branding – TrinDocs: Automation as Unique as You!

TrinDocs, an industry leader in automation solutions, is proud to announce their new brand identity and tagline with the launch of their revamped website! We invite you to visit and our social media sites to learn more about the great work being done to help teams work remotely, eliminate manual data entry, and improve invoice approval times and audit trails.

TrinDocs AP Automation is tailored to the clients’ needs and business rules and is an extremely flexible solution that automates manual processes, with integrations into existing ERP and accounting systems. 


“Every business has its own unique challenges, so every business needs its own unique solutions. TrinDocs bridges the gap between current state and desired state, and our tagline ‘TrinDocs: Automation as Unique as You’ does a good job of letting AP teams know what to expect from us, while not limiting our solutions to just accounts payable. TrinDocs can be used for all sorts of back-office integrations and provides uniquely tailored solutions for a host of workflow and document management needs!”

– Jeremy Prichard, TrinDocs Director of Sales & Marketing


“Years ago, as one of the pioneer companies to automate inbound AP invoices for mid-market businesses, TrinDocs was the 1st AP automation solution to monitor email addresses with InboundAutomation™. Now, with our new branding, we’re once again demonstrating our ability to understand the distinctiveness of our clients and deliver AP Automation as Unique as You!”

– Jay Harden, TrinDocs Director


“Having worked as a Microsoft partner for nearly 25 years in our sister company TrinSoft, of course the team at TrinDocs has expertise in all things Microsoft! TrinDocs is highly configurable and can work with virtually any existing ERP system on the planet, though, not just Microsoft. We are proud of the work that our team has done to highlight what makes TrinDocs so special…so unique! Aside from delivering enterprise content management solutions that are powerful and affordable for the mid-market, another key differentiator for TrinDocs is the fact that we tailor solutions around clients’ needs!”

– John Stucky, TrinDocs Managing Partner


About TrinDocs

TrinDocs is a document management and workflow solution that automates the routing, storage and retrieval of documents and transactions for any organization. TrinDocs integrates with a wide range of ERP Systems, including specializations in Microsoft platforms. For more information visit

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