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6 Considerations When Transitioning ERP to the Cloud: #3 Hardware Cost

Source: Have you looked at Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of transitioning your ERP to Cloud?

We’re continuing with our blog series “6 Considerations When Transitioning ERP to the Cloud,” and today, we’re exploring the third cost area to consider – Hardware. 

Hardware Cost

In an on-premises scenario, you will incur a high upfront cost to purchase your infrastructure, such as servers, networking hardware, operating systems, databases, and data storage, and then periodic additional operating costs (such as electricity costs) to effectively run, manage, and secure your ERP solution on-premises. You will also need to buy more hardware and build redundancies in case of failures. On the other hand, the cloud allows you to flexibly manage your hardware costs without having to own, maintain, and pay for servers regardless of utilization percentage.

Tune in to our next blog post in this series as we discuss the fourth cost area to consider when transitioning ERP to the cloud – IT Personnel.

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