Miller Plating Success Story

Success Story: PHTPlus Connects People and Processes Like Never Before at Miller Plating

We are impressed with the versatility of the system and the ‘All in One’ functionality.  They have designed PHTPlus for a job shop setting, and it has performed well to meet all of our needs and our customers.

                                                – Adam Anderson, President, Miller Plating

Unique Situation
Prior to PHTPlus, Miller Plating had their shop floor and traveler information in one database and their general ledger and financial management solution in a completely different database. These two systems did not integrate or communicate with one another requiring team members to duplicate data entry and potentially exposed the company to keystroke errors, double-entry, and required twice the amount of time. In addition, these siloed databases caused the Miller Plating team to lose visibility to the overall business, associated travelers, and because of the forced duplicate data entry between systems the team lost efficiency.

PHTPlus Solution
PHTPlus is an all-in-one business management solution that was able to easily and seamlessly connect people and processes like never before. PHTPlus is fully integrated, which means that the Miller Plating team was able to connect their business, automate processes and transactions, while also bringing data and insights directly to them. This enabled Miller Plating to make better decisions for their company!  Since implementing PHTPlus the Miller Plating team now has complete visibility to all transactions, shop travelers, and business processes within their cloud tenant.  The Miller Plating team has gained efficiency by being able to reduce the time spent on data entry and has reduced their company exposure to possible keystroke errors by half!

Industry: Plating/Finishing

Customer Profile
Miller Plating is an electroplating facility with over 50 years of industry experience serving the Midwest. Miller Plating is located in Medina, OH and they offer a wide range of zinc, zinc-iron, and zinc-nickel plating options.

Miller Plating
940 Lafayette Rd
Medina, OH 44256

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