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Payroll Outsourcing vs. Insourcing: What’s the Difference?

There are plenty of reasons why payroll can and should be insourced. Outsourcing, when a company uses an outside organization not affiliated with the company to complete specific tasks, can be costly and removes company control. Insourcing with Greenshades, when business operations are happening within the organization, can provide flexibility, confidence in compliance, “no float” payroll taxes, and a positive employee experience.   

Insourcing offers flexibility that outsourcing simply cannot. With Greenshades, you can take care of your payroll whenever and wherever. You can even pause in the middle and come back to finish later. With the flexibility, you can also lean on Greenshades to understand the complicated tax code. No matter where your employees live, your tax codes will be accurate on the local, state, and federal levels. Your ACA dashboard also ensures that you’re never out of compliance and includes alerts and error checks to notify you of possible issues before you accrue any costly penalties. 

Greenshades also believes that you should be in control of your cash flow, which is why they don’t require you to pre-fund a payroll tax account, and when the system alerts you of when payroll taxes are due, you pay the government directly, not Greenshades. With all of the flexibility and confidence that comes with insourcing payroll, there is also a better employee experience. Greenshades believes in the “employee first” philosophy and provide a robust, easy-to-use, and simple to navigate self-service module that gives employees and managers control over personal data and other useful tools.   

Greenshades can run your payroll, handle your compliance, manage your employee benefits, and do all the tasks you expect from your Payroll & HR software. Download the infographic 4 Reasons to Manage Payroll In-House.

TrinSoft is proud to partner with Greenshades to provide a payroll, tax, and HR solution that empowers workers. Contact us to learn more about how Greenshades can help your organization.

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