Azure Virtual Desktop

Improve Security and Virtualize Your Remote Connectivity with Azure Virtual Desktop

by Brett McCuddy, TrinSoft IT Administrator

Access from anywhere on any device with improved security

With a traditional VPN connection, not only is the user limited on the type of device they can use, it also opens security risks by allowing unnecessary traffic into your corporate network. Azure Virtual Desktop can be accessed from anywhere but is secured by Conditional Access policies in your Azure Active Directory to require Multi-Factor Authentication when users sign-in. We can create an additional Conditional Access policy to block sign-in attempts outside of the US, which is where most malicious attempts originate.

BYOD Azure Desktop

BYOD or Hardware Thin Clients

In IT Management, we’re used to a 3-5 year hardware refresh cycle. Hardware thin clients are 50% cheaper than traditional desktop computers and they last three times as long with an 8-year lifecycle. With Azure Virtual Desktop, you can transform your device management, saving you money on hardware and IT services supporting the thin clients.

Virtual desktops are up to 60% less expensive to support

Compared to traditional MSP costs, Azure Virtual Desktops cost up to 60% less to support. Virtual computers have less problems, take less time to support, and are quicker to provision and deprovision as people come and go from your company.

Get rid of on premise equipment

With Azure Virtual Desktop, no more Windows Server and Remote Desktop licensing with user CALs. Your users are eligible to access Windows 10 with Azure Virtual Desktop with the following licenses:

  • Microsoft 365 E3/E5

  • Microsoft 365 A3/A5/Student Use Benefits

  • Microsoft 365 F3

  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium**

  • Windows 10 Enterprise E3/E5

  • Windows 10 Education A3/A5

Migrate your on-premise file share to SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, or Azure Files. Before settling for a particular option, you need to consider many factors, including your specific needs, future expectations, and budget. TrinSoft has extensive experience working with each and can help guide you in making the most out of your model.

Save costs by scaling based on your needs

With traditional on-premise servers and equipment, you make purchases based on what you might need in the future. With Azure Virtual Desktop, you can scale up and down based on what you need today.

scaling with virtual desktop

“Work Day Scaling”

With the use of FSLogix user profile mounting, power off resources not being used after hours and transition late-night users to one session host to save costs.


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