Power BI 2022 Wave 1

Power BI 2022 Release Wave 1 Overview

Source: Overview of Power BI 2022 release wave 1 | Microsoft Docs

The Microsoft Power BI 2022 Release Wave 1 Plan has arrived! Below is a quick summary of the plan, but you can get all the details here. This Wave 1 Plan describes new features releasing from April 2022 through September 2022.

Microsoft business intelligence helps drive a data culture where everyone, at every level of an organization, can make confident decisions with data at any scale. To enable organizations to drive a data culture, Microsoft continues to invest across three key themes that they’ve introduced before:

Empower every individual

Power BI makes it easier than ever for everyone to work with data, using familiar Office-like experiences and AI-infused insights across Power BI Desktop, the Power BI service, and mobile applications. Microsoft’s focus is to deliver capabilities designed for business analysts and end users. They’re integrating Power BI even more tightly with Office to enable everyone to start analyzing data without friction. They’re providing one-click onramps for analyzing tables of data from anywhere and capabilities that complement Excel. Microsoft continues their investment in improving authoring experiences for visuals and measures, leveraging natural language input where possible. And most importantly, they’re also making progress on ideas and feedback that the community has shared with them.

Empower every team

Power BI is woven into the fabric of where teams work. Microsoft makes data a standard part of every team’s decision-making by focusing on capabilities to drive team productivity, collaboration, and bias for action. This has become even more critical over the last couple of years as people have been working remotely and a lot of collaboration is occurring using technology. Insights become more valuable when they’re shared. By integrating Power BI deeply with Office, Microsoft brings insights to Teams, where everyone collaborates, with a deeper integration in key experiences, such as meetings, channels, and chats. Microsoft is also enabling users to find and share data quickly within and outside their organization, track business objectives at enterprise scale through goals, and build narratives around data through storytelling.

Empower every organization

Power BI can scale to meet the most demanding needs of large enterprise customers. With the centralized administration, governance, and industry-leading security capabilities in Power BI, IT always has full visibility and control. Microsoft’s investments continue to span several areas of the product focused on trust and compliance, auditability, information quality, adoption, connectivity, self-service data prep, big data, enterprise semantic models, and enterprise reporting. Microsoft’s balance between enabling individuals and teams, along with enabling IT to meet advanced security and governance requirements, really helps organizations deliver insights at scale.

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