ActivReporter webinar

Webinar: How to Streamline Your Financial Reports with the Next Generation of ActivReporter

TrinSoft will host a webinar on Tuesday, February 22, 2022 at 2:00PM EST featuring steps to save time when creating Dynamics GP financial reports in Excel using ActivReporter. With significant performance upgrades and feature enhancements, ActivReporter introduces the Next Generation of the popular GP reporting software: ActivReporter G2. ActivReporter G2 provides a straightforward way to build your financials using Excel functions and commands.

Join this webinar to see the capabilities of ActivReporter G2, including: 

  • How to drilldown into an Excel financial report to the underlying journal entries
  • How to drillback from ActivReporter to the originating transactions in Dynamics GP
  • How to directly assign rollups on the account or segment of account, similar to GP’s account categories
  • How to show detail worksheet tabs and a summary worksheet tab for multiple business units reporting in Excel
  • ActivReporter’s database synchronization technology and the automated “data healing” mechanism 

Join us for this webinar to see why TrinSoft recommends ActivReporter as a Management Reporter replacement. 

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