Dynamics GP Hosting

Why Switch to Dynamics GP Hosting?

Global Secure Access

TrinSoft’s Dynamics GP Hosting implementation includes Azure Virtual Desktop, the next generation in remote access. With hosted GP, you will be able to securely access GP from anywhere, at any time, without connecting to a VPN.

Remove Dependencies on Servers

Hosting GP in Azure means you don’t have to worry about running your own local servers to run GP. By moving to Azure, you reduce hardware costs, IT management costs for those servers, and achieve Azure’s world-class uptime guarantees.


TrinSoft can add additional resources to your GP server in minutes, an option that is not available in on-prem installs. In a moment’s notice, TrinSoft can add more storage, computing power, or networking bandwidth to your GP server.

Disaster Recovery

Hosting GP on Azure grants you a 99.5% uptime guarantee, meaning your GP server will be running even if you lose power or internet at your main office. TrinSoft also offers geo-redundant replication, meaning we will ensure your data is hosted in multiple data centers across the country, protecting against natural disasters. If one server goes down for whatever reason, within minutes, TrinSoft can restore your server to a new location, saving you time and money on costly backup solutions.

Cost Savings

The total cost of ownership on local servers is much higher than you may imagine once all factors are considered: upfront purchase costs, IT personnel, maintenance, licensing, and upgrades. Azure’s pricing model of only paying what you use allows the most efficient use of purchased resources, narrowing down scope to just what your company needs. TrinSoft’s experts will regularly examine your utilization, ensuring you are paying for only what you need.

What’s Included in GP Hosting?

Azure Hosting

TrinSoft will set you up with everything you will need to fully run GP in Azure, Microsoft’s modern and secure cloud. Nearly all functionality of your current GP setup will be reproduced in the cloud, freeing you from the cost of running a server on your premises. TrinSoft’s Azure experts will setup all components required to have GP running fully in the cloud (serversdomain controllersite-to-site VPNbackups, and more). No technical knowledge is required; all setup and maintenance will be handled by TrinSoft’s experts.

GP Licensing

All GP licensing costs are bundled into the monthly price, including your annual enhancement. The price provided is the total cost of running GP Hosted – no exceptions.

Microsoft 365 Licensing

Lastly, this bundle includes Microsoft 365 (previously Office 365) licensing. The license version is the high-end Microsoft 365 Business Premium which combines the world-class Office apps with cloud services and security that will set you up nicely not only for GP hosting, but creating a fully modern cloud-based work environment.