GP vs BC Cash Receipts

Compare Processes in Dynamics GP to Business Central: #4 Cash Receipts

Is a switch from Dynamics GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central on your mind? In this blog series, we’re exploring new videos that take you through the differences and similarities in work processes. The first three topics were receivables transactions, paying vendors, and payables transactions. Today, we’re looking at cash receipts.

Stay tuned for the next video in this series that will compare the work process of setting up segments and dimensions in Dynamics GP and Business Central.

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Video transcript:

In this video, we’re going to look at how to enter receivables cash receipts in Dynamics GP and compare that to the experience of entering those customer payments in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

In my GP system, I’ll go to my Cash Receipts Entry window and enter a payment we received from one of our customers. I’ll go ahead and select the customer that sent us the payment as well as the payment amount. I can then next select the Apply button where I can find the invoice or invoices the customer is paying.

Once I found the invoice, I can select the checkbox and choose OK. Once I have all my information entered, I can go ahead and post my cash receipt.

Now let’s see how we can enter in cash receipts in Business Central. To create customer payments in Business Central, we’ll select the search icon and enter in Cash Receipts Journals. Once the search results appear, we can go ahead and select it from the list.

In the Cash Receipts Journal, we can record a payment for that same customer, Adam Park Resorts. Once I’ve selected the customer, I can navigate over to the apply to document number column.

By selecting the look up here I can see all the outstanding invoices the customer currently has with us. I can go ahead and find the invoice, select it and then choose OK. You can see how the payment amount has automatically defaulted in for us and I can post my cash receipt.

In addition to Cash Receipts Journals, you can also use the Customer Register Payments window to record customer payments. Again, I’ll select the search icon, and this time type in Customer Register Payments and select it from the search results.

In this window, we can see all outstanding invoices for all of our customers. Let’s say however, we want to filter the list down to just see the outstanding invoices for Adam Park Resort. I’ll select Adam Park Resort and choose to filter on this value.

Now we only see the invoices for Adam Park Resorts. Again, I can find that invoice that the customer sent a payment for, select the checkbox and it’ll again automatically enter in the amount received and the date received. And then I can go ahead and post the payment if everything has been entered correctly.

If the customer was sending a payment for more than one invoice, I can select multiple invoices in the window and then back under Posting select to post as a lump sum payment.

In this video, we’ve seen how Business Central provides a simple and easy way to record customer payments, allowing for a more streamlined cash receipt process.