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Why is an All-Inclusive ERP/Business System Critical for Finishing Industry-Related Companies?

Did you catch our new “Ask the Expert” article published in Products Finishing? Bobby Haggard, PHTPlus consultant, discusses why the time is now for companies in the finishing industry to make a move to an all-inclusive ERP (enterprise resource planning) or similar business system to prevent getting left behind.

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Bobby Haggard - PHTPlus

Benefits of a cloud-based ERP solution

  • Total visibility and complete control
  • Eliminate data silos
  • Cloud availability
  • Enhanced reporting

Join us for a webinar to learn more about PHTPlus, a powerful ERP solution built for the finishing industry. We also invite you to watch a 90-second video to see what’s possible with PHTPlus!

What is PHTPlus?

TrinSoft’s PHTPlus is a powerful ERP solution for Plating, Heat Treating and Finishing Services on a local or global scale. PHTPlus is built for the outsourced manufacturing service company specializing in finishing services such as plating and coating.

It is designed to give the user a single view into all of their systems, delivering the control and insight they need to streamline processes, reduce costs and increase margins. PHTPlus is designed to work the way you do. It is for companies like yours that receive customers’ parts, perform a process on them, and send those parts back to the customer.

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