undo transfer shipments in business central

How to Undo Transfer Shipments in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Source: Microsoft Documentation

Sometimes people post incorrect quantities on transfer orders. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 2023 release wave 1, you can undo the quantity posting, make the necessary corrections, and then post the correct quantity

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Feature details

If you discover a mistake in a quantity after you’ve posted a transfer order, as long as the shipment isn’t received you can easily correct the quantity. On the Posted Transfer Shipment page, the Undo Shipment action creates corrective lines:

  • The value in the Quantity Shipped field is decreased by the quantity you’ve undone.
  • The Qty. to Ship is increased by the quantity you’ve undone.
  • The Correction checkbox is selected for the lines.

If the quantity was shipped in a warehouse shipment, a corrective line is created in the posted warehouse shipment.

To complete the correction, reopen the transfer order, enter the correct quantity, and then post the order. If you’re using a warehouse shipment to ship the order, create and post a new warehouse shipment.


  • You can’t undo a posted transfer shipment if the item is reserved. To do that, you’ll have to cancel the reservation.
  • You can’t undo a transfer shipment line if there were receipts associated with the related transfer order line. Therefore, you can’t undo transfer shipments for transfer orders that allow direct transfers.