TrinDocs Version 6

TrinDocs Releases New Software Version Giving Users Ultimate Flexibility in Tailored AP Automation

TrinDocs, the world’s most unique Accounts Payable Automation Solution, just got better with new features that help end users tailor their TrinDocs even more to their own, individual needs! For example:

Web-Based Template Editor
saves time with faster creation/editing of templates since there is no application to download from outside of TrinDocs. Plus, there is no IT help needed now!

Capture Multiple Floating Fieldseliminates data entry by allowing users to build templates that automatically capture freight, taxes, totals, PO numbers, and more!

Step-Level Required Fieldstightens controls by allowing system managers to set fields as required for each workflow step, and not allowing users to proceed without completing them!

Enhanced Searchsaves time with ‘Quick Search’ + ‘Advanced Search’ functionality. Plus, users can filter search results with multiple criteria, unlimited ranges to drill down however needed!

Integrated Help Menudelivers immediate troubleshooting in a variety of tools. Easy access to Support, training videos/documentation, webinars, & more without leaving your TrinDocs!

Multi-Conditional Routingsaves time by allowing TrinDocs to route workflows based on multiple criteria simultaneously, as opposed to one value at a time!

Page to Page Scrollingsaves time by letting users endlessly scroll up/down with no clicks!

Real-Time OCR Template Changessaves time by automatically applying updates made to templates to all documents using those templates…instantly updating bulk document ID’s!

View Completed Documentssaves time by allowing users to turn on “show completed documents” and see all completed and archived documents with one click!

Criteria Group Permissionstightens controls by helping manage groups of user types by roles, plus with much more flexibility into what users can see and do in TrinDocs!

Interactive Document Stampsincreases visibility by allowing users to choose when stamps show on documents and include them on downloaded PDFs!

There are too many new features to list in a press release but suffice it to say, TrinDocs 6 delivers the modern AP Automation solution needed to help your business operate more efficiently and grow in our evolving world! For more information contact us at or (859) 252-6225, or join our launch party webinar on Thursday, May 25th at 1:00 EST for a look at TrinDocs 6 in action!