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#BCDidYouKnow Tips & Tricks

Throughout the summer, Microsoft has been posting their best Dynamics 365 Business Central tips and tricks on their social media channels – and we’d like to share some of our favorites with you.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Top Tips

#BCDidYouKnow you can install the Business Central App on a Mac?

Easy. Open up Microsoft Edge, head to https://aka.ms/bcpwa and install from there.

#BCDidYouKnow to help you resolve issues when working with Business Central, Microsoft added actions to error messages?

Making error messages more user-friendly helps build trust in Business Central and saves time by making it easier to correct issues. Check it out: Fix errors yourself with actionable error messages | Microsoft Learn

#BCDidYouKnow that Business Central offers read access through Microsoft 365 for all employees across your organization?

Business Central users are assigned a Dynamics 365 Business Central license that allows them to view, modify and act on their business data from any user interface. For all other employees across the organization that only need to occasionally view data, Business Central offers access through Microsoft 365. Learn more here: Business Central Access with Microsoft 365 licenses – Business Central | Microsoft Learn

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#BCDidYouKnow you can set up and use workflows to connect business-process tasks performed by different users in Business Central?

In Power Automate flows you can use a dynamic Business Central environment and company in each action, as right now all triggers hold that crucial information delivered to your flow at runtime. Read more about it here: Workflows in Dynamics 365 Business Central – Business Central | Microsoft Learn

Automate Workflows in Business Central

#BCDidYouKnow that you can easily set up approval workflows in Business Central using Power Automate Templates?

You’re just a few clicks away from your first workflow: New approval workflow experience with Power Automate templates | Microsoft Learn

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#BCDidYouKnow that there is a Business Central performance guide for end users?

Check out this handy guide here: Performance Tips for Business Users – Business Central | Microsoft Learn

#BCDidYouKnow that you can quickly navigate to and invoke actions in Business Central using just your keyboard?

Press the Alt key and start boosting your productivity in Business Central using access keys with keytips! 

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#BCDidYouKnow that there is a Business Central landing page for all content related to reporting, data analysis and BI?

Small and mid-sized companies rely on built-in analytics and reporting capabilities they can use out-of-the-box to help keep track of their business. Business Central supports common business processes as well as more complex processes for such organizations. Each of these processes includes reports and analytics tools. You can also do ad-hoc analysis directly from your home page.

Check it out here: Business Intelligence and Reporting Overview – Business Central | Microsoft Learn

#BCDidYouKnow that there’s a Business Central app for Teams?

Business Central offers an app that connects Teams to your business data in Business Central so you can quickly share details across team members, look up contacts, and respond faster to inquiries.

The app is available on the Teams marketplace, and you can use it with the Teams desktop, mobile app, or web. Learn more: Business Central and Microsoft Teams Integration overview – Business Central | Microsoft Learn

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#BCDidYouKnow that you can now use the new External Business Events in your Power Automate flows for Business Central directly using a connector?

Want to send notifications to a Teams channel when a large sales order is released? Easy! Business events on Business Central (preview) – Business Central | Microsoft Learn

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If you have more Business Central tips to share or need help, please reach out to our team!