Best Dynamics 365 Business Central Holiday Tips

Best Dynamics 365 Business Central Holiday Tips

Throughout the holiday season, Microsoft has been posting their best Dynamics 365 Business Central tips and tricks from the engineering team on their social media channels – and we’d like to share some of our favorites with you.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Best Tips

1. Unwrap the magic of AI in Business Central by enabling Copilot features 

Are you wondering how to control Copilot and other AI capabilities in Business Central? This task is done by an admin. Copilot is a system feature and an integral part of Business Central. Similar to most system features, you don’t grant access to individual users nor can you toggle Copilot on or off. However, Copilot offers data governance controls and the option to deactivate individual Copilot and AI capabilities for each environment. There are different levels of access control to AI capabilities, depending on the feature.

Learn more: Configure Copilot and AI capabilities – Business Central | Microsoft Learn

2. Create your first Power Automate flow using the new templates in Business Central

You can email Santa every time a sales order is posted – imagine that!

All Power Automate integration capabilities and sample templates must be clearly defined, marked, and visible in the product so that decision-makers can use them effectively when needed.

This feature in Business Central provides advanced users with a single entry point to create flows based on templates. New actions have been added to enable flow creation in the following categories:

  • Defining an approval request workflow if the page supports it. This was previously available as an application action but was difficult to find.
  • Creating an automated background flow (for instance, flows based on external business events). Before this addition, such automations were only possible in Power Automate, and no Business Central templates supported them.
  • Creating a manual or instant flow. While this capability existed before, several new templates have been added to expand its functionality.

Learn more: Consolidated Power Automate flow creation from Business Central templates | Microsoft Learn

3. Join the User Insights Panel for Business Central

Help shape the future of Business Central! When you sign up for the panel, you’ll be contacted when Microsoft has research coming up that matches your profile. Microsoft needs feedback from all kinds of Business Central users, and the feedback is welcomed with a big thank you!

Sign up here: Join our user insights panel for Dynamics 365 Business Central! | User Interviews

4. Become a Business Central Reports Guru

Want to become a gifted Business Central report developer? Well, that topic just got a little easier to learn with a completely revised/rewritten documentation section covering everything about reporting that you didn’t know and were afraid to ask.

Discover how: Reports overview – Business Central | Microsoft Learn

5. Take advantage of new report layouts in Business Central

Christmas comes early this year (if you like Excel layouts in Business Central). In version 23.x, Microsoft will release brand new features that make it easier to lay out reports using static and dynamic metadata. Oh, and Business Central now also supports multi-language layouts.
Microsoft will release a set of 17 new Excel layouts for Business Central for finance, sales, purchase, and inventory in early 2024 with more to come later in the year.

6. Click any field in the page inspector to scroll it into view in Business Central

Have you been naughty or nice? Either way, there are plenty of Business Central gifts for users. 2023 release wave 2 includes: click any field in the page inspector to scroll it into view. 

7. Increase productivity with mobile barcode scanning in Business Central

Business Central gives the gift of mobile barcode scanning. The barcode scanner control increases warehouse users’ productivity as they can scan barcodes using the device camera or even the dedicated barcode scanner.

Learn how: Scan barcodes with Business Central mobile app for iOS and Android | Microsoft Learn

8. Get control over how to view Power BI-embedded content

With the rising importance of data analysis, it’s key to have the flexibility and modern content visualization of Power BI directly from inside Business Central. Prior to this release, the Power BI part on role centers was limited, with a fixed size that only displayed the first page of a multipage Power BI report. In the latest release, Microsoft added more capabilities to the Power BI embedded experience in Business Central.

See what new capabilities you can expect: Get control over how to view Power BI embedded content | Microsoft Learn 

If you have more Business Central tips to share or need help, please reach out to our team!