Enhancement Plan Offer FAQ

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Most frequent questions and answers

The CSP-EP Renewal Offer enables existing customers who are active on their Enhancement Plan (EP) to renew their EP through the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program and receive Dynamics 365 Business Central online licenses when they are ready to move to the cloud.  

Customers who choose to renew their EP through the CSP – EP Renewal offer receive the following benefits:

  • Price point equal to Enhancement Plan renewal quote
  • Dual-use and downgrade rights to their current on-premise Dynamics Price List (DPL) product (Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics GP, and Dynamics SL)
  • Monthly billing option (subject to CSP partner approval) 
  • Enhancement Plan benefits
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central (cloud) licenses for migration to the cloud (when/if the client wants to migrate)

Yes, the offer allows dual-use and downgrade rights, so customers are able to continue to use their existing product/version and remain current on their EP. With the CSP-EP Renewal offer customers have the option of monthly EP payments versus a lump sum annual payment and will have the Dynamics 365 Business Central cloud license when they are ready to move to online services.

Dynamics 365 Business Central (cloud) via the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) licensing program.

Options are:

  1. Discontinue your online transition to Dynamics 365 Business Central online services, pay their DPL EP renewal, and remain on their DPL product/version (GP or NAV)
  2. Customers who have not fully transitioned to Dynamics 365 Business Central online services, may choose to continue to renew the CSP- EP Renewal offer (if eligible) for two additional years (3 years total)

The CSP – Enhancement Plan Renewal offer provides a price point 60% lower than the standard commercial list price.  For example, the CSP – EP Renewal offer list price for Dynamics 365 Business Central (online) – Premium user is $40 compared to $100 list for the CSP standard Commercial pricelist. After the 3 years, the price will be the standard list price of the software.

Customer must purchase Dynamics 365 Business Central cloud licenses with an annualized total greater than or equal to their EP renewal amount.  Example:  If the annualized EP amount is $1200, the monthly CSP will need to be equal or greater than $100.   Your organization will only pay the price of your enhancement (broken down in monthly payments via ACH).

The offer is not based on “like equals like” in terms of users.  Customer must at minimum, have an annualized value on CSP equivalent to their annual EP cost.  You are free to choose any number and mix of Dynamics 365 Business Central Cloud users (-Premium, -Essentials, -Team Members and -Device) that are equal or greater than their EP value.

Yes, customers may choose to renew their Enhancement Plan through the Dynamics Price List. 

Clients will continue to pay their parnter, but the price will be broken down into a monthly payment plan and will require payment via ACH.