Project Management

Thoroughly understanding expectations & exceeding them

Why Choose TrinSoft for Project Management?

Thoroughly understanding expectations is the first step to a successful relationship with your technology solutions provider.  Prior to beginning any project, a TrinSoft Team Lead will meet with the client and walk through the extent of the assignment.   We have a plan to manage each project so both parties can feel comfortable and have a clear understanding of the scope of work to be performed. Visit our blog for the latest news and updates on our project management services and much more.

Needs Assessment

During the Needs Assessment, we will gather information used to formulate specific requirements and determine the exact scope of the work that we will perform. We will also document your existing system and familiarize ourselves with any standards that have been implemented with your current software.

The Needs Assessment includes:

  • The Current System – Thoroughly document the current accounting system and workflow.
  • Summary of Current Status and Immediate Needs
  • Plans and Expectations of Management – Identify management’s expectations and plans for future phases or services that may be required of our firm.
  • Scope of Work Required – Identify the specific services you will require of TrinSoft.
  • Timing and Cost Estimate – Establish an implementation schedule and provide a cost proposal.

The Needs Assessment will culminate in a report summarizing our findings and documenting your existing system. 

Project Planning and Preparation

After both parties agree on the scope of the work to be performed, the TrinSoft Team Lead will establish a project plan detailing work to be performed, dates and expenses. 


The Team Lead on the project will work one-on-one with the client to streamline the work throughout each task.  We will analyze the progress of the project and keep the client updated on a regular basis.

Project Audit and Analysis

At the conclusion of the project, the Team Lead will review the project with the client. 

TrinSoft is committed to keeping the client updated consistently throughout the entire project.  This will enable the client to monitor the total scope of the project.

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